mercoledì 23 gennaio 2008

I want you, opinion leader!

I Marines hanno mirano agli influencers: non per sparargli ma per riuscire a influenzare nuove reclute.
Dalla newsletter THE WEEKLY SPIN, del 23 gennaio prendo questa news a sua volta ripresa dal Wall Street Journal (16/01) - in un delirio da citazione post-moderna.
Le campagne di comunicazione dell'esercito americano passano dai tradizionali canali ESPN e Fox direttamente agli opinion leader in grado di influenzare le scelte dei giovani americani...
"The U.S. Marine Corps is rolling out a new ad campaign this week in an effort to target teachers, coaches, clergy and other groups that tend to have influence on kids' career paths," reports the Wall Street Journal. The Marines "previously aimed its marketing directly at young adults," running ads on Walt Disney's ESPN or News Corporation's FX. But the new spots will run during Fox's "American Idol," which "has a broader audience that includes adults as well as kids." The WPP Group advertising firm JWT designed the Marines' new television spots; the campaign also includes print and online ads. One ad "features a line of Marines standing in formation in front of landmarks across the U.S. such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Independence Hall."

The campaign's focus on "influencers" is consistent with the U.S. Army's recruiting efforts, which the Center for Media and Democracy previously reported on. Their slogan "Army strong" was chosen, in part, to appeal to influencers.