martedì 19 febbraio 2008

Podvertising: pubblicità sui podcast

Come fare advertising sui podcast e perché
Podvertising is great tool for forward-thinking advertisers who want to try their hands at alternative media. Podvertising allows marketers to target their niche audience and prevent ad avoidance at a small cost. Users are unlikely to fast-forward through your ad because they've already subscribed to the podcast and usually, do not mind listening to a 15-second ad. Also, with podcasting, small companies who could not afford to advertise on the big screen have the opportunity to reach their target audience.
How do you start advertising on Podcasts?
sponsor a couple of target podcasts. For example: Gatorade sponsors Endurance Radio.
-Offer giveaways and promotions: offer discounts and prizes in order to entice the listeners and prevent ad avoiders.
-RSS feeds: You can time your podcast to be on your site at the same time as a new product launch. When people search for your info on your new product, your podcast will be in those results. If a user likes what he hears, he may decide to not only listen, but subscribe as well.-Produce Your Own: create your own podcast, featuring an audio informercial, video demo for new products, audio/video press releases about your product, etc. Consumer-packaged-goods companies may use podcasts to enhance consumers’ lives and to build a connection with them. For instance, IBM produces podcasts on key business and technology topics.
There is a great video on Podvertising that I couldn't insert here, but can direct you to.
Don't underestimate the power of Podvertising! According to eMarketer, podcasting advertising will increase by 400% by 2011. Since podcasting is here to stay, you might want to ponder podvertising.
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